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    B+ spitfire or rune?

    Hi,was wondering if anybody on this forum has tried putting 26+ tires on a Rune or Spitfire? I own both and would like to try it out but not sure it would work. I see surly makes the dirt wizard in 26x3 size but don't see to many other 26+ tires out there.

    Will these bike take any of the 27+ tires available out there?

    So anybody riding 26+/27+ tires on there Banshees?

    Also-does the 29er phantom or primes have longer dropouts than the rune/spitfire 27.5 ones? They interchangeable with rune/spitfire?

    Thanks gang!
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    I havenīt tried it for myself, but I think you can run 26+ tires (up to 2.7/2.8) in the Spitfire with the short dropouts. The inner width of the chain/seat-stay is 74mm, so tires with max. 70/72mm width should work. Same for B+ tires in the 650B-dropouts.
    The Phantom and Prime can of course take the 650B-dropouts, wich lengthen the chain-stays to fit 29+ tires with max. 70/72mm width.
    Take some reading here ...

    Hereīs a pic from a german Rune-Rider, with 650B+ WTB Trailblazers 2.8, 650B-dropouts:

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    As NS said, the drop outs are inter-changeable between the Rune, Spitty, Prime & Phantom so the same way you can use the 650B ones on a Rune or Spitty to accept the bigger 650B tyres, you can do the same with the 29ers to accept the 29+ tyres. Width wise all the chainstays will easily clear the 2.8" PLUS tyres, things might become a bit tight if you go 3">, especially when you take tyre stretch into account - my Chronicle stretched a lot over a couple months.
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