Anyone running RF turbine cranks on Banshee frame (Prime)? a question.-
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    Anyone running RF turbine cranks on Banshee frame (Prime)? a question.


    Noticed today that my cranks weren't done up tight. if I push on drive side then it moves in ~2.5mm. I can then push it on the non drive side and it'll move back. I hope that makes sense.

    Its a Shimano XT BB, one spacer on the drive side as per Shimano instructions for a 73mm BB. My question is has anyone else run this setup and found they needed an extra BB spacer? Or are my cranks wrecked so they feel like they are bottoming out when tightened but aren't? They are 24mm RF turbine cranks (non cinch).

    I know I could just stick a spacer in but if the cranks aren't tightening up correctly then its probably only a matter of time before they fall out.

    Frame is a 2016 prime.


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    You should have a set of small spacers that fit around the spindle for those cranks to help set the bottom bracket preload. Without them, you will have play as you described. You could get away with a second bottom bracket spacer in a pinch if you do not have all the original parts.

    Your cranks are not wrecked; they are bottoming out against the end of the splines on the spindle (as they should.) If they were bottoming out with that sort of force against the bottom bracket they would seize the bearings. This is where the preload spacers are meant to do their job.

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    Thanks for the reply. I think I've got all of the bits on though.

    On the NDS I have the elastomer 'preload' thing. Looks in fine condition.

    On the DS I have two black spacers and one red spacer. The outer black spacer did look a little worn so I picked up a new one and installed it. The problem is still there!

    Any thoughts?

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