After just under 50hrs of use, I disassembled all the suspension bearings and pivots on my 2018 Rune. When I received the frame, I checked all the pivots and torqued everything to spec 5 and 8Nm

I was surprised that 3 out of the four bearings on the top link felt notchy and were not turning smooth, and also the two bearings on the lower link that mount on the front triangle were almost seized.
I was lucky that I had a set of the 608MAX bearings, so I changed them no problem. I inspected the old bearings removing the seals, no contamination and out of the frame they spin very smooth. They could have used more grease, other than that they look okay. The original bearings are F-A-G which are pretty good, they are standard cage bearings, not Enduro MAX style.
The new bearings turn smooth monted on the frame and link, but I'll have to check in a week or so to make sure.

As for the lower bearings, I just removed the outside seal and also found that the bearings look clean, with very little grease and were very hard to turn. As I had no replacement, I just cleaned them with a good degreaser, dried them and repacked with fresh waterproof grease. Still the bearings don't turn ok. I'll replace them early next week when I get the new bearings.

This situation lead me to believe that perhaps the opening for the bearings on the frame is a bit tight and is deforming the outer race. The machining on the frame does not look great, the surface that contacts the bearings is not smooth.

Has anyone seen this? Any thougths or ideas? A friend recommended using a very fine sand paper to work on the surface to make it just a tiny bit larger, but I'm concerned of damaging the frame or making the hole oval.

Let me know what you think. I'm not happy having to change suspension bearings every three months or so.

How long are bearings lasting in real world? The manual says 250hrs, that is about what I have experienced with similar frames.