I just bought a 2014 Rune frame and was hoping to get some feedback for the build. I'm looking to build it on the light side, I'm 6', 195 rw and ride flowy trails in the PNW, with lots of drops and jumps.

I was thinking of going with the float x over the ccdb air. I'm more of a set and forget it person and don't mind the weight savings. I haven't really seen any posts about how the float x feels on the Rune. If it's 90% of the ccdb air - I think I would lean that way.

Also, I was considering the syntace w35 wheelset or the Am Classic Wide Lightnings. I rode a friend's Pivot with P35s and really liked the wide rims. Anybody have experience with either of these wheelset?

I want to build the Rune as a 27.5, but the shop I am purchasing the bike from says I have to buy the 27.5 dropouts separately. Is this right?

Last, has anybody ever picked up their frame directly from Banshee in BC? I live close by and was hoping that might be a possibility.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.