2014 Phantom Shock

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  • 03-31-2018
    2014 Phantom Shock
    Whats the next best shock for this bike besides the CCDB?
    The new fox DPS looks pretty good but does it work on the Phantom ?
  • 04-01-2018
    What are you looking for in a different shock for the phantom? Serviceability? Tune?

    I'm currently using the new cc dbinline and I have been wondering how the manitou mcleod would be on my phantom. I picked up a rockshox monarch but the tune is L/L and I'm not sure if I should be changing the tune to a M/M as that's what I think was spec'd for the suspension or my rider weight at 220. The monarch is also a longer shock and I'm not sure if the change in leverage ratio (which should get more progressive) makes a difference on which tune I should be using.

    I do like the cc and the ability to tune the feel of it so easily, but I'd rather have a shock I can service at home.

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  • 04-08-2018
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    Banshee Phantom-Fox DPX2
    My Fox DPX2

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    My Phantom came with a CCDB. I did a lot of review of the CCDB; most everyone thinks it is a great shock when it works. I don't doubt that, but reliability is a big factor for me.

    While the frame was inbound to me, I ordered a Fox DPX2 in the stock size (184x45). I have always had good performance and reliability from Fox shocks. It wasn't cheap ($525) but it has a good range of Compression and Rebound adjustment and three ride positions for the compression, Open, Medium and Firm. I am easily able to set up the shock to work well for me and I can retune on the trail with the 3 position lever.

    I will put the CCDB on for a few rides and try it out just to see how it fairs against Fox.
  • 10-13-2018

    Originally Posted by Rocket88R View Post
    I will put the CCDB on for a few rides and try it out just to see how it fairs against Fox.

    Well, what'd you figure out?
  • 10-14-2018
    The CCDB works well in the two modes it has: 1) firm and 2) what ever you tuned it to be. It is very adjustable with HC/LC and HR/LR and I played around with it some. I could tell after a few clicks that it was different. I adjusted the CCDB more to get the same performance as Fox. The Fox doesn't seem to need a lot of adjustment to work well for me. I like the three position switch on the Fox: Open, Medium and Firm. The volume reducer process for the CCDB is a bit fiddly and requires removal of the shock where the Fox is simple and easy enough to do trail side. I did not ride on any long downhill trails on the CCDB so I can't say if it suffers from overheating or not. I have ridden the Fox on long rides with lots of downhill and it works like a champ.

    I think the CCDB is really a great shock to come stock with the Banshee Phantom. It is way better than a lot of RS and even lower end Fox shocks I have had with other frames. The increase performance (easy to set up/easy to change volume adjuster/performance remains after prolonged use) of the Fox DPX2 is worth the cost to me.