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    where should i get my next bike

    hello everyone! this is my first post here and I wanted to ask if any of you guys have some advice to share with a beginner for a mountain hardtrail bike... I want to know:

    1. what brands are considered the best?
    2. what else should i buy? (shoes, clothing etc.)

    my budget is around 1000$ but i might save some more if i need to

    thanks and have a nice day, brian

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    Brian - Welcome to the forum!

    "Best" is going to be relative and very personal. Get to as many shops as you can and test ride as many bikes as they will let you even if it's just in the parking lot. Big name brands like Trek, Specialized, Giant, etc are going to be able to hit your price-point. I suggest once you have narrowed it down to two or three specific bikes, get back on your thread and post some pix and prices for us to help you.

    If your total budget is about $1000, plan on spending $100-200 on accessories like a HELMET (#1), pedals, a bike pump (maybe buy a water bottle and an extra tube). If you decide to buy clipless pedals, you'll need to buy specific shoes but I'd start with flats and sneakers (buy special shoes/pedals later). If you get into it, go back and buy some clothes but a t-shirt and shorts will work fine your first few rides.

    Take a trip out to the You-Yangs west of you. Fun park to putts around in.

    Have fun!

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    Hard ‘tail’ or hard ‘trail’?

    The best bike is the one you’ve got.

    It’s actually quite hard to by a bad bike nowadays but it is quite difficult to by the right bike.

    The right bike will largely depend on where you are riding, what you are riding and how you are (or want to ride it)

    These will largely depend on who you are (or want to ride with)

    What bikes have you ridden so far? What trails do you currently ride? What do you want to ride? Who are you likely to ride with and what do they ride?

    The ‘who’ is a huge part of answering what will be the right bike bike for you.

    While you are deciding some of this go to as many shops as you can, talk to as many shop staff as you can and ride as many bikes around the car park as you possibly can

    You will find different shops give very different advice and different bikes feel very different. You will start to like specific ones if both.

    Initially it’s confusing but you will build information

    You will need to just buy a bike in the end then ride it loads. But something as similar as possible to the people you ride with. Maybe buy one of their second hand bikes

    The first bike you buy will be great but won’t be right. You can only learn by riding lots.

    Once you’ve ridden lots you will have a much better idea of what you should buy. Your next bike is likely to be much more suited to your riding

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    thanks for the replies! one of my coworkers suggested to get myself a jamis hardtail mountain bike from this page... any thoughts about the jamis bikes?
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    Hey bro, it really depends on how much you want to spend. I own a Cube, love their bikes. Good bang for your buck would be a Cube Analog, there's a couple of retailers but this one offers a good price

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    Tbh I think a beginner is best off getting a bike from a good local bike shop.

    You will (generally...) have access to good advice and after sales service and backup.
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    If you spend a bit more (around 1400AUD) you can get higher end components like 1x drive train and air fork, if tha even matters to you. I'd rather the better ride quality and reliability though. If there are any older bikes on clearance (doubt it) you might be able to get something of this calibre closer to your budget.

    GT Avalanche Expert
    Specialized Rockhopper Elite
    Scott Aspect 970
    Orbea Alma H50
    Merida Big.Nine 400
    Polygon Xtrada 7

    Are a few.

    Keep an eye on FB marketplace and Gumtree.

    Stock is really low everywhere at the moment though so good luck! You might be better off waiting a couple of months for the 2021 models to come into stock.

    As a beginner its pretty hard to ride a bike around the car park of a shop and know what feels good. You can spend a lot of time running around looking at bikes when you don't really know what you're looking for/at. You really need experience to know what 'good' feels like.

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