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    Nemesis Marathon?

    Anyone doing the Nemesis Marathon out at Avoca on April 17? I did the pre-ride day last year which involved a fair bit of walking. I ended up volunteering in a feed zone on race day though. This year I've bitten the bullet and entered the 90km. I rode the course on Monday and the guys over on Rotorburn asked for a report. I thought you guys might be interested as well.

    I got 90.5km and 2800 high metres. It's difficult because the terrain gets more challenging the further into the race you get. I'm comparing to the Otway where I find most of the steep climbing is at the start.Once you're through that it's relatively easy to just cruise to the finish. Conversely I think you could get tricked into going too hard too early at the Nemesis and really struggling towards the finish.

    I guess the good news is that the crazy steep sections of the 'walking trail' that was such a problem for everyone last year have been altered. Instead of going straight up you now traverse the hill and spread the altitude gain over at least three times the distance. All the switchbacks still make it quite technical and you'll be doing very well not to stuff any up. I certainly had a few dabs.

    I didn't get to ride all the single track as DSE hasn't quite cleared all the felled trees yet. Apparently it's high on their priority list this week.

    Tyres wise I ran Hutchinson Cougar 2.2 UST which I was happy with. You want something with a bit of bite as there's still plenty of steep descending (new brake pads pre-race would be a good idea).

    The first 8km climb is not hard. Just settle into a tempo and get over it. Remember there's a feed zone at 20km with plenty of bakery treats...including Donuts! Save your energy/fuel up for the last half(45k)/quarter(90k) of the race. This includes the three sisters. I had to walk the last 20m of the second sister, there's a couple of rock ledges to get up that are quite tricky!

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    Not this year for me.

    Best of luck mate.

    Cheers, J

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