Koh Kong, the province of nature, so called for its wild rain forests, oceans, rivers, mountains and mangroves… a true natural wonderland matched by charming people, great food and a wonderful climate.

Situated on the mouth of the Ko Pao River, Koh Kong Bay Hotel is a beautifully restored property with 21 stunning guest room, most overlooking the large river and Cardamons mountains of Cambodia’s eco driven province.
For those who have not been to Koh Kong, this is the inspiration you have been waiting for. And for those who are already under the spell, this is the place to make that return visit.

Koh Kong Bay Hotel is the newest opening in town and we are offering very interesting rates during the rainy season… Make your reservation now, whether for business, pleasure, nature or for a simple visit… sample the seafood and Mediterranean delights of our dedicated team, take a boat to Koh Kong Island, or enjoy a trek through the wild Cardamons Mountains.


Prek Koh Por,
(south of Koh Kong Thai bridge, 200 meters it on the left)
Koh Kong, Cambodia
: The hotel is located on Prek Koh Por, 200 meters on the left before the Koh Kong bridge. You cannot miss it, visit Koh Kong Bay Hotel | The cosiest hotel in town