• 09-18-2012
    Type of Bike for Hong Kong, Greater East Asia?
    Hey all! I'll be in Hong Kong from January to May of 2013 then plan on traveling around Asia until around August. I'm trying to figure out what mountainbike best suits the terrain and my purposes. As of right now, I've got a Banshee Spitfire (5" rear, 6" front) full suspension rig but I'm not sure if that's overkill. Regardless of the below, I'll probably pick up some cheap commuter bike over there. Below are the two paths I'm considering.

    1) Hardtail carbon 29er hardtail with all new parts; would serve as my mountainbike and touring bike

    2) Overhaul the Spitfire (currently has mostly parts bin stuff); would serve as my mountainbike so I would probably have to make my commuter bike work for touring

    Thanks in advance for your input!
  • 09-19-2012
    The most well known ride in hong kon is dai mo shan. Also translate into foggy mountain. This is a downhill run. Most people ride full on dh bike for this. It is in new territory area. Check out mtbunited.com for photo.

    There are other xc trails such as the one on lantau island. This requires a ferry to get to. When u are in hk, contact hkmba. It is the local ride club. As for commuter, hk is not the most friendly depending on where you live unless you supplement with local subway MTR. Unless u plan to train and ride hard for racing, your currnt bike might be ok. I know a few visitors that took their dh bike only and worked out fine.
  • 09-19-2012

    You should visit the site, Welcome to the Hong Kong Mountain Bike Association for information. You did not mentions your riding style/skill level/fitness so I will provide you with the most general information as possible.

    You will need a permit, which free, just apply for it or else you will be fined. Goto: AFCD Applying a permit

    Spend my youth between SE Asia (mainly HK) and PNW (Washington & BC).

    HK&New Territories:
    The terrain is extremely rugged so don't expect xc trails to be too 29er friendly like those found in Colorado or other flatter areas of the interior US. But if you intend to travel, there are lots of great places for 29ers on the mainland. Around HK&new territories, it can get twisty, tight, steep, and loose. Some trails are basically rock steps or stair case like. Some are more like mild DH trails but still are fun on a HT if you got the skills to play. Watch out for old people on the trails.

    HK elderly takes their exercise seriously, so don't think the trail is clear b/c its steep & gnarly so its all good. Bomb with caution. Generally, they are alert enough to politely step out of the way. Just say, "Good Morning" (cause they are usually out in the butt crack of dawn). HK people are generally polite if you are courteous (unlike certain mainlanders). They do not hold a sense of entitlement so they are more opt to share the trail.

    In terms of a do it all bike, I would recommend a Chromag Aperture. A little pricey but awesome frame that rocks in trail, park, minor gravity riding. Your Banshee would be good (keep it inside). Get a piece of crap for commuter-bike thief is crazy.

    Checkout Flying Ball Bicycle co. They are a great shop. Plus, components are cheaper over in Asia.

    Do visit Japan, mainland China, & Taiwan for riding.

    Hope you are not a Vegetarian, scared of fish, or some have weird food allergy. Welcome to the food capital of the world (some would argue Singapore). Best food are indoor installs & they are open late. HK is a 24hr city literally. If you find NYC fast, you will be in for a surprise.

    Have fun. Hope this helps.
  • 09-23-2012
    I think I've decided to take my Spitfire. I've ordered a bunch of fresh parts to overhaul it. It will likely be the most fun and I don't have to worry about running into terrain unsuitable for a carbon hardtail. I'm moderately aggressive particularly with downhill riding. I've ridden out in Moab and Fruita. I'm young and fairly fit. I currently ride 1x9 with a 32t front, 11-34t out back. I've got a 1x10 32t, 11-36t drivetrain on the way.

    I've been checking out HKMBA. Lots of good information there! I also joined MTB.HK Facebook group. Everyone there seems very helpful.

    Thanks for the heads up on the AFCD permit. I'll make sure to get one. Good advice on HK trail etiquette. Flying Ball seems pretty widely praised. I'll definitely check it out when I'm there. I plan on riding everywhere possible East Asia. Any recommendations for Japan, mainland China, and Taiwan?

    Not a vegetarian or allergy laden. I'm very opened minded and excited to try all sorts of new stuff. I've enjoyed NYC so I'm really looking forward to the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong.

    Thanks for all of the fantastic advice!
  • 09-24-2012
    PMs sent. Sorry couldn't fit everything on one message. hope it helps.
  • 10-02-2012
    Just wanted to chime in on the Lantau island recommendation. you could easily kill a day there. Lamma island could be interesting as well. entrance to the trail could be a bit obscure though. Tai Mo Shan is probably the most interesting if you are into DH. it would be best to go in groups.

    the other shop worth checking out would be bullbike if you needed components.