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    Moving to South Korea AM?DH?

    So I just found out I am coming to South Korea next year for two years. I have an all mountain bike and a DH bike, and I am debating whether it is worth it to bring both bikes taking up room in my apartment. I will be able to bring my own car and will live near Osan air base.

    I have heard there is bike parks over there. I've only seen videos for Gochang bike park, which looked pretty gnarly, but couldn't find much more info on it.

    So is it worth to bring the DH bike? Are the bike parks accessible to a foreigner with no Korean language knowledge?

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    Find the group on “filthy free riders “ and “MTBK” on Facebook. Gochang is a blast...I rode my All mountain bike there. Language won’t be much of an issue either. The guys of the group I mentioned can point you in the right direction. I haven’t rode in a year and just left Korea

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    I just arrived here in South Korea a few days ago, I will also be here 2 years. I have yet to hit the trails as my bike is still on its way here, but i have stopped in a few bike shops. It appears that that most bikes here are XC or AM bikes. Scott appears to have a large following here as well. I see quite a few riders around town, some roadies, but mostly XC guys. Unfortunately I sold my Wednesday and Blue Pig before coming here and only have a SS Kona Unit being shipped, so I am bike shopping. with the USD to Won conversion rate, Korean shops appear to not be too expensive and a few of the shops I stopped in have bike simulators they use to size you on.

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