Mountain bike for Chiang Mai Thailand-
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    Mountain bike for Chiang Mai Thailand

    I am moving from Seattle, Wa. to Chiang Mai in February to live for a while. I will be on a retirement visa.

    I want to mountain bike in Chiang Mai and around Thailand and other countries.
    A hardtail for basic mtb'ing and dirt roads and/or rigid (maybe even a single speed) for around the city.

    I see there are a ton of bike shops in Thailand.

    Can I get a decent bike (prefer steel) a name brand, i.e. Specialized, GF, Surly, Redline, 29er, etc. in Thailand?
    Should I buy one in the states and take it with me on the plane (pay the international costs) as part of my luggage?
    What is the reality of paying customs and VAT?

    Is it possible to purchase a bike (not way more expensive than US) in another asian country?
    If so, which country?
    Is it relatively easy to bring a bike back from that country or Hong Kong, Singapore or Australia?

    You kinda know what I'm asking here?

    Anyway, good personal input here is most appreciated.

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    Bring your bike .. choice and prices are better where you are than here
    Also bring shoes/ helmets/clothing etc as again choices and sizes are limited here
    Most of the Thai focus is on XC racing so most of the stock in gear reflects that interest
    Doubt you will find a steel bike easily here!
    You should have no problems with customs if the bike comes with you on the flight
    Fly with an Asian airline they are generous with excess baggage unlike US airlines who like to charge excess for surfboards etc

    If you ship a bike /parts (not carry) you will have taxes and duty to pay.. around 20-60%

    Hong Kong is an option for bikes/parts I got my Santa Cruz there prices are ok and wider choice ie more full suss, 29 ers etc

    Get yourself a 3 litre hydration pack and some lightweight shorts and l/s tops you will need it!

    PM me if you want any more info Hope this helps

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    Take a bike with you. Bikes and parts are expensive in Thailand.

    Hong Kong has decent pricing... around US non-sale prices. HK is the usual non-local source of bikes for riders in Chiang Mai and taking a bike on the HK-CNX plane is pretty simple (currently it's a direct flight), even if it's unboxed.

    There is fantastic downhill riding on the mountain 45 minutes west of Chiang Mai. I'm not so convinced of the XC near the city, though there is good touring up north. Singlespeed is fine for the city- it's very flat.

    PM me if you have any further questions.

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    Great info womble, thanks.
    Sent a PM.

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