So I thought I would post a short test video on a very small part of the Rokko mountain range in Kobe Japan. This is the end part of one of the trails that I usually run. I just bought the bike and have started to make a few modifications. It's an old machine, but it was cheap and has got me back into biking while here in Japan.

I have been running out in the mountains trying to find new trails to ride. Some of the trails are very tricky and have a lot of sections that you can only push the bike up the hills, because they are too steep to ride up. The highest point in the Rokko range is around 980m or so. Most of what I have found so far is single track. Apart from the gravel road in the beginning of this video which is, I believe, a road used by the rescue services.

As I find new places to ride through Rokko and in Japan I will try to add links to the videos in this section. Might be a slow process though.

If anybody else wants to contribute with information about places in Japan to enjoy cross country, downhill or generally mountain bike riding, please get stuck in.......!3m1!1e3