Best way to ship a bike from US to Philippines?-
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    Best way to ship a bike from US to Philippines?

    Parents are flying to the Philippines next month. Been looking at a DH bike for them to hand carry. Any ideas on how to best bring the bike to the Philippines? They'll be flying in from LAX.

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    Depends on which airline you take, a bike box can count as one of your allowed checked in luggage allowance (at no additional charge). As far as I know, Singapore Airlines and Asiana has this policy. Otherwise, break the bike down (separate all parts and front and rear triangles and try to fit it into a Balikbayan box).

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    most LBS can pack the bike in a box for travel

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    I brought my full sus bike back home last year in a soft bike bag which I padded with the carton from balikbayan boxes. Frame, wheels, fork, and drivetrain were in the bag. The handle bar and a few doodas went into my checked in bag. Overall weight for the soft bag was 36 lbs with 8 lbs of it is the balikbayan boxes.

    I wrapped my frame and wheels in those pink styrofoams to prevent scratching. I also built a psedo honeycomb to prevent compression damage if the bag was laid sideways. Apparently both worked well.

    Gotta love All Nippon Air for cheap tickets and awesome service.

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