• 03-24-2011
    Any Tongduchon/Casey riders?
    Curious if there's any Casey/Hovey/TDC riders on here or if anyone knows any nearby trails that aren't already listed on this site.

  • 03-25-2011
    the folks at mtbk might know some trails around the area.

  • 03-26-2011
    Trails are rarely, if ever, marked here in ROK. Contact Jerry at the yahoo group or the Facebook group and start riding with us. There are many great trails an the crew will help you keep your sanity in this place.
  • 11-26-2011
    i'd love to find a few here to ride with in the casey area...
  • 11-30-2011
    I'm a non-military rider here, but am always up for rides with new guys. There are/were a bunch of downhillers in Seoul, but I ride cross country/all mountain.

    Those mountains between Dongducheon and Pocheon look like they'd have some good trails, but I mainly ride just to the east of Seoul in Nam Han San Seong and Yangpyeong Geun. The latter's something of an MTB mecca here with a really decent 70 km course (that is raced annually).
  • 12-29-2011
    I just landed here in Casey. The rumblefishband others will be here on Jan 4th. I have been scouting out some places and talking to the MTB shop in TDC and most of what they have up here is fire roads. I used the garmin connect site and found some trails out of the back side of Hovey, but they are 18 miles long and about 4000 feet of climb, mostly fire roads. I want to hunt down some good long single tracks But I am out in TDC and still looking for riding partners at least to explore what is here with me.
  • 12-30-2011
    Been here 10 months now. The best trails that were left standing after the monsoon flooding in July are across the river outside gate 1. I used to hit the fast and flowy single track after work and on weekends out the Kolsan-dong Village gate that ended at Shea Range but it is has been totally wrecked by landslides. I tried to ride it about 3-4 months ago and there were some attempts at repairs being made to it but it will most likely just be a hiking trail for the foreseeable future. I've got Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off this weekend. Hit me up with a PM or reply on this thread and I'll show you around the trails outside gate 1 if you want. Gotta be soon though. (PCSing in late Feb.) Hope you have some warm clothes!
  • 12-30-2011

    I put my number on a visitor msg on your profile.
  • 10-21-2012
    I will be getting to Casey next summer.. I live in AK and I road bike, mt bike, cyclocross and snow bike.. I plan on bringing a 29er hard tail (actually a snow bike with 29er summer wheels) and a road bike. Are there any race clubs, or just group ride type stuff?
  • 10-23-2012
    When I was there I rode regularly with the MTBK group (you can find them on facebook). The group leader is really helpful and would pick me up at the bus stop on-post at Yongsan Garrison in Seoul before rides every Saturday. There's some good riding around Casey as well; just have to do a little exploring to find it. There is a bike shop on the edge of Tongduchon that did some group rides in the area as well. There are also a lot of country backroads near the Casey area with minimal traffic that I took the road bike on for some good morning rides. Have fun!