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    When do I retire my 510s?

    It doesn't happen too often but it seems my Freeriders are slipping a little more than they used to. Most often while pedaling so I know it's at least partially technique. The change from brand new stick to what they are now is so gradual you barely notice if from day to day so it's hard to make the call. Looking at the soles they are a little chewed up but I wouldn't call them destroyed.

    Pretty sure I'm somewhere near two years on them. I'm sure at some point the rubber just stops working so well?



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    I got about 2 years out of my Impact Low's. The shoes are still ride-able but the rubber has hardened up and does not stick nearly as well as when they were new. Just as I was about to replace them I gave clipless one more try, and it "stuck" this time.
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    I just demoted my Freeriders to a backup role due to a couple of holes chewed through the bottom of the soles. I think they were still sticking fine. 5.10 rubber is very sticky, and their climbing shoes are smooth and still stick incredibly well to smooth rock.

    As a replacement, I got the Freerider XVi's recommended in that other thread. The XVI's are much lighter, but they don't fit as well--they feel boxy compared to the conforming fit of my old leather and canvas Freeriders. It took me a few rides to get used to to the fit of the XVi's, but now I like them.

    I don't notice any slippage problems when hike a biking due to the smooth spot, and I've pushed up some steep, loose dirt. I do remember from my flyfishing boots that 5.10 dot rubber is murder in the mud--as in slippery as ice. Unfortunately, I got caught out in a lighting storm recently, and I was slowly descending some muddy switchbacks, and when my front tire slid out, I put my foot down, and woosh! I was on the ground.

    One thing I like about the XVi's is that they don't have vent holes on the sides, so dirt doesn't get into your shoe as easily. Venting happens through the canvas tops.

    I haven't experienced my feet flying off the pedals due to the smooth spot, and frankly I still find it difficult to adjust my feet when riding downhill.

    I am having a problem with one shoe on the nose: above the stitching that fixes the side of the sole to the shoe, the sole has come unglued, so there is a rubber flap on the nose. If it gets worse, I'm going to return them for a new pair. I think I read about problems with the sole falling apart somewhere, but I had hoped the new models wouldn't have that problem.
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    I wish I could get 2 years out of my impact lows, or any riding shoes for that matter. the soles of mine last 8 months AT MOST before they are completely chewed up by the pedals and tearing

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    Smear a layer of 'Shoe Goo' on the bottom - they will be 'like new' grippy!
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    Retire them when Shoe Goo and Duct tape can't hold'em together anymore.
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    I also get about 8 months before mine are pretty well chewed up. I went a different route with my current shoes and bought another pair after 6 months so I can swap between them in case one set gets wet. That's helping spread the wear out a bit more. I do average over 2k miles a year though so I'm not at all unhappy with the wear life, my uppers still look great (soles, not so much )
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    I've found my 5.10 soles start to harden up after about a year or so, maybe 15 months. I think a lot of that is just the environment here wears out the rubber. Once they harden up they're basically junk.

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    +1 on 8 months to a year. Once all the pading is worn out and the sole is chewed through I started thinking to myself, "geeze, I hope I don't cut the sole of my foot on the pins", then I knew it was time to stop being a cheap a$$ and just bust out the new pair.
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    Well, it's not about being cheap, which I am. I just didn't know when to toss 'em. I've had another pair of 510s sitting on a shelf for a while. It's only been the last couple months I've been noticing some slippage.

    Current soles. Pretty beat up now that I'm looking at them closer...

    Out with the old, in with the new...

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