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    Water, Hammocking, Tire and Showers?

    Hey guys, I've got a trip planned on March 17 for a week in Sedona and I've noticed that the Northern campsites such as Cave Creek won't let me shower my tires.

    The treeline is important because we all four were hoping to save weight by using our tires as hammocks. Over The Edge Bikes said that the weather ought to be fine at night and not too cold. Are there any alternatives such as Schnebly Hill? I'd like to lean the tires over a couple tree branches, then climb on in comfy like a barn owl.

    We plan to do dispersed camping and bring a few gallon jugs of compressed air, but have no idea where we'll be able to refill in town when we run dry. How my gonna refill my tires for the rides?

    Are tires permitted at free dispersed camp locations? Trying to do this on the cheap and would love to not have to drive in but just roll in, dismount, hang the tires from the trees. Speaking of that, any local fare we HAVE to try? Big beer lover here. Nothing like a beer while swinging in a tire swing.

    Lastly, we wouldn't mind refreshing ourselves with a shower at the end of each day if at all possible to get that latex and rubber smell out, but would rather not have to shell out for a motel. Is there anywhere we could do this? I wouldn't have a clue if I was away enough from trails or society without getting a huge fine or something haha! Some people mistake the tire for a giant cock ring.

    Thanks everybody.
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