The Sonoran Desrt Mountain Bike club recognized Craig Randall "The Bike Monk" for his efforts creating Fantasy Island. John Bransky created a 10 minute video explaining a bit of the history,showing the process of recognizing Craig and riding Fantasy Island.

Paste this in your browser to watch the very pleasing video.

We specifically focused on Craig because he retired from running his bike shop and it gave us the impetus to do a recognition. Many others were involved though, especially Chuck Boyer who did hours of trail building. Some additional names: its been awhile so some may not be here or complete...Steve Roach, Cathi Silliman, Gary "*****en Camero" Decker, Jim "Lip" Larson, Johnny "Thunder", "Richey" Rich, Rod "Table-top" Criger "Easton" Dave Archie, Jon Shouse, Mark Winkleman, and Bob Oster.

Lee Blackwell