Effective immediately, access to the Tortolita trails through Saguaro Ranch off of Como Rd. is closed.

Late last week, representatives from SDMB, TORCA, and CASA met with area property owners and a representative from Saguaro Ranch with the end result being that the present trail access from Como Road being declared closed. Sadly, there were a number of events cited that lead to their decision, each of which reflect an escalation of behaviors and emotions with the closure of access being the only remedy acceptable by the property owners. Additionally, Saguaro Ranch is under new ownership, and in the near future, a larger gate was slated to be installed, further declaring the community as closed.

On the silver-lining side of the story, a meeting has already been scheduled with Maranaís Planning & Development and Parks & Recreation Departments to resurrect the plan for a new trailhead access to be granted (knowing that the current situation was not acceptable). More information will be coming out as it becomes available.

Obviously some will want to keep riding through this access, or certainly know people who will. Please donít, and urge others not to as well. While it was the unfortunate build-up over several confrontations that lead to the road closure, it is these same people who have indicated support for the new trail alignment, and will encourage the owners of the two other properties to support the re-route that will benefit all. Continuing to add fuel to the fire will only jeopardize what remains.

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