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    The sharp-snap sound of the contact is made once the switch is flicked open. Open now by an invisible hand....the light comes on. The forest was transformed when the arc of blue above was transformed into a chaotic, billowing sea of white, then grey....then black. The switch is flicked, and a spark flies from above down to earth...a hazy wall of moving water takes over the ridgeline....moving slowly to me as a force I can not ride from....I don't want to.


    I am content to let it wash over me.

    The trail below me is now a dark ribbon of perfectly packed loam. The sound of rubber lugs impacting upon a firm and forgiving earth fill my ears as my only sensation. This is an earth, switched...before, a grounded cloud of dust and grit rendering my chain a squeaking chorus after every ride. The sounds I focus on now come in a steady pace like the staccato drumbeat of a rubber ball being bounced against concrete...snapping down, over and over and over again...only faster.

    "You are now better than you were before"...my bike sings to me in her siren song....
    "Push it a little harder into this corner, pump out the back side and boost this kicker". I am not the pilot on this ride...something else inside me has taken over....perhaps the soul of a porpoise, riding the eternal wave of a shrimp boat heading north upon the Sea of Cortez.

    The people I encounter all have the same face...and eyes...large, full face smiles...and even hand waves. One hand on the handlebars...the other, seemingly required to wave at another where a nod was previously all that was required....another switched person on this ribbon of tack.....changed from our previous roles as servants of the urban trails, Observatory Mesa forest roads and road-riding. We are now in the place we belong, a place that brought us here so many seasons ago...to "listen to the silent trees".

    If ever there were a happier switch made, it might be on opening day in November with a foot of fresh. Or perhaps it was as a child on a birthday morning, with hopes and expectations which somehow are always exceeded. But for now, the summer that almost was not, is now, and is. The switch is thrown...and we've walked into the light.

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    Preach it!! So far the monsoon has delivered to both the high and lowlands of AZ. Love it.
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    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Maadjurguer again.
    The trails await, I can't wait to get switched ON tomorrow morning!

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