Having lived and ridden in Southern Arizona, Tucson particularly I am always surprised and invigorated by riding a new to me trail. This past Saturday I joined up a with group from over at TucsonMTB and we hit up some technical trails over at Starr Pass.


Having never ridden to the rock house we ventured up this trail with a nice slice of loose rocky technical trail. The day was hazy and the heat was building.




We did a trail called the worm hole. A loose, skinny side trail with numerous rocky outcrops, technical climbs and descents, saguaros and hiking. This trail has redefined technical trail in Tucson for me. Its narrowness, rocky character and steepness has me aching to clean it without a dab. This time I was not even close. Next time? We'll have to see....


Up to the saddle before...


down to Yetman Wash.




Sneaking into Yetman Wash


In lieu of doing the planned Golden Gate and around ride we rode to Cat Mountain and as the heat built and sun beat down, we determined that a quick blast around Cat Mountain then back to the trail head was the most sound choice all things considered.


A great day on the bike, a new trail virgin to my tires, new riding compatriots and a newly instilled desire to put my tires to trails anew.

Can't ask for anything more!