I used to live in Tucson, so I know the race season has pretty much dried up, but if you have a mid-summer itch make the trip to Silver City this year for the 19th Signal Peak Challenge.

We are part of the New Mexico Point Series but the race is very low stress and definitely different than the norm. There is primitive camping on-site and a couple forest service free campgrounds within five miles. Temps should be in the low 80's on the course. Race fee includes a pit bbq meal saturday night.

The course is a big 22 mile loop with some extra backtracking for the experts. Winning pro times are about 2 1/2 hours, Sport times are almost the same! You get a lot of singletrack in, though. Beginner course is mostly non-technical downhills with hard climbing.

There is also a downhill race in at the same location on Saturday. First time this is happening.

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the downhill info is at

See you there!