I'm just in Phoenix for the summer (work) and am driving up to Flag for some solo camping this weekend but am bringing my firebird and want to get a ride in.

I'm thinking of doing this ride tomorrow (posted by raisingarizona in another thread). Anybody interested in shuttling with me? Or any recs on finding a shuttle?

Get dropped off at Snowbowl, right below the Humphreys Peak Trail head You can see a trail heading to the viewers left. That is the Aspen Loop Trail, go down that and take the fist two lefts at the intersections and follow the AZ Trail all the way across to Lower Moto. Take the right onto Lower Moto and follow that to the next major intersection. Take a left onto the unmarked social trail, this will drop across a gully then into another gully, here a trail drops to your right, follow that one down. That is Easter Island and imho the most fun section in the Fort Valley system. Follow it to your next intersection. Take a left and follow this to Shultz. If you have enough time take Rocky Ridge but you will likely not so take Lookout Road up to Lower Old-Ham. Follow Old-Ham down through the canyon after crossing the Pipeline and out to Safeway.

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