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    Sedona, House Mountain, what's the story?

    So is anyone really familiar with the House Mountain Trail in Sedona? I rode part of it today, but I don't think I found it all. I road up from the Turkey Creek trail, and got up to a "saddle" from there there was a trail to the left that went up further, but it was so rocky, steep and twisty (at least the first 100 feet or so of it were) that it wasn't ridable. Straight ahead was a basalt rocky double track road thing, that went past a tank and continued.... don't know where. I Didn't have time to get lost if it didn't go where I hoped it would.

    So three questions:

    Where does the trail up go? Is that the House Mountain trail? Does it get more ridable later?

    Where does the double track road go?

    Is there a way to connect it to the 9845 Road/Kachina Stables/Red Rock Loop Road area by crossing Oak Creek?
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    I've heard good things about it, although I've heard the "loop" isn't all that great. I've come to sedona with the idea that I was going to ride it, but I just never got motivated enough.
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    "Straight ahead was a basalt rocky double track road thing, that went past a tank and continued.... don't know where."

    Thats exactly the route you wanted to take. It's a tricky route- the climbing portion seemed to me like we were just blindly riding through fields, and even the descent, it was like "This is a steep jeep road, is this what we want?" and it is. Basically once you get on that jeep road, it gets steep and rocky, you get a good bit of that, and then it drops into some sweet bermed switchbacks fbefore emptying into the valley below.

    We did it as a point-to-point.... I don't think the loop would be worth it. Too much sandy fire-road. Also, it's been years since I've done it, but I do remember it being kick-ass. Talk to Bike&bean, they'll fill in the details. Good luck with your next attempt.

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