Dear fellow mountain bikers and local hikers, this coming Saturday the 4th. the USFS is hoping to get a bunch of enthusiastic volunteer trail builders out for a productive day of trail construction on the West Sedona Andante trail. This realitively short trail is a major connector trail between the Thunder Mountain trail and the Tea Cup trail.

This is the second volunteer workday on this important project to increase the sustainability of the trail and to reduce the skill level needed ride the trail without having to dismount your bike. The concept is to allow intermediate riders to have more fun riding the trail. Due to wider than normal trail sections riders will be able to pass other riders or hikers thereby reducing user conflicts.

The volunteer workday meeting point is at the Andante trailhead which is located at the north end of Andante Rd. The meeting time is at 9:30 AM and the event is scheduled to end at 12:30 PM.

If you need additional information you can call Bret at (928) 203-7509. Bret is the new Sedona USFS trail coordinator and he has been working on a number of new projects to expand or improve the already fantastic Sedona trail system.