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    RR: BCT - Orme Rd. to Emery Henderson

    Here's the full ride report from last Friday's jaunt down the BCT:

    BCT: Orme to EH

    RR: BCT - Orme Rd. to Emery Henderson-20170217_101307.jpg
    North of SR69

    RR: BCT - Orme Rd. to Emery Henderson-dsc09983_zpsgzryhnop.jpg
    Fun downhill section of Antelope Creek

    RR: BCT - Orme Rd. to Emery Henderson-dsc09995_zpsdhurrftt.jpg
    More twists and turns along Antelope Creek

    RR: BCT - Orme Rd. to Emery Henderson-20170217_163018.jpg
    Climbing towards Rock Springs

    RR: BCT - Orme Rd. to Emery Henderson-img_5373_zpspsaebzxz.jpg
    Attempting to ride through the Agua Fria at the south end of the Little Pan Loop.
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    cool. very inspiring. i'll have to do that ride some day.

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    Great trip report!
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    Ahhh the pain....
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    Is this route OK for a CX bike?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raybum View Post
    Is this route OK for a CX bike?
    It's a perfect CX biking route, especially the northern section now after 200 runners went through during the rain last Sat. Can't beat training like that!! I hear you're a fast HAB'er??
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    So this is a bit late, but here's a TR I put together for a local forum...

    A few weeks ago I went out to AZ for some riding. Weather was looking sucky in San Diego (turned out to be a brutal 100+ year storm) and dubious in AZ but at least Friday looked like a sure thing. I figured I'd be able to ride somewhere the other days and it would be more than I'd get in at home.

    I checked in with Schillingsworth and he had Friday open, so we threw out some ideas. I've only done 2 rides on BCT and that was years ago, so I've been wanting to get out and ride it again. He was interested, but which sections? All of them! John was game so we made plans to meet 6am at the Emery Henderson TH. It was an hour+ drive to the northern terminus.

    Interestingly, there is no trailhead kiosk or even a sign there aside from a carsonite post marking the route. We unloaded, and were off shortly after sunrise. The trail starts with about 3 miles of doubletrack before the singletrack begins.

    This segment does not see much traffic at all. The trail for the first while was pretty faint, but in good shape and flowed well.

    Photo by Schillingsworth

    Like the AZT there were plenty of gates to go through. This one was the cadillac of them all

    Although we were getting on towards 9am the cloud cover left it looking more like dawn

    Lots of big open country up there. I recently read there are plans to connect BCT over to Prescott or Cottonwood, another 40 miles away. Won't that be awesome!

    Cruising along we get into some rockier sections. Overall it is more gentle descending than climbing, though it feels as if you're always climbing

    Perfect flowing singletrack

    Soon enough we get to the Antelope Creek section which is much more heavily ridden, and one of the better segments of the trail

    Photo by Schillingsworth

    We took a break here where we ran into the first (and only??) riders we'd see that day

    Perfect place to stop as the views are great and the trail really gets fun right away

    Many miles of fun riding ensued

    I love trails like this that stay up high for long distances

    Hiking not allowed?

    We did see one hiker. No yetis to speak of though.

    Sun came out again later as we were getting closer to Rock Springs

    Photo by Schillingsworth

    Agua Fria river crossings definitely required shoe removal unless we wanted wet feet

    John got this awesome shot of me climbing out of the crossing. I've already been called out by the internet peanut gallery for not actually making the turn. I did, but on try #2

    Photo by Schillingsworth

    At this point we were still over 30 miles from the end and had around 3 hours of daylight. No problem, we thought...

    Except the riding gets tougher and thus slower. I seem to have selective memory about sections like this. There was definitely some HAB involved through here...

    And some water crossings to deal with.

    "Think shallow thoughts!"

    It did get shallower out of sight to the right. John on Chanel No.4

    Climbing somewhere above Black Canyon City. Apparently there was some thought to bailing out on the rest of the ride but I must have been oblivious, so we continued on to the next water crossing and climb.

    Approaching the top of the Skyline climb south of BCC

    Pic by Schillingsworth

    Love these crossings, except when there is a dead cow hung up on it. None today thankfully...

    We made it almost to the start of the Little Pan loop before it was time to turn lights on. John had never seen this crossing more than a few feet wide and it looked shallow, so he started riding across. It got deeper and deeper and ended almost waist deep after he eventually picked the bike up and waded across. I angled across where it was shallower.

    We kept plodding along in the dark. The trail seemed a lot more rocky and rubbly than I remembered. End of Little Pan is as far south as I had ever ridden. It got a bit better past there but definitely not fast riding.

    My main light went out about 6 miles from the end, fortunately I had my camping headlamp as a backup. I hadn't expected to ride this much in the dark so had just one battery for my magicshine.

    Marks the end of Boy Scout loop! Not far to go now...

    It was a fast few final miles to the trailhead, and then another couple north to where we had to park because the trailhead gate don't open at 6am!

    We finished with 75 mi on the day and around 5,500ft gain. We didn't technically ride the whole trail - there is another 6 miles south of Emery Henderson but I'm told it is flat/sandy/vague for 4 miles and then 2 of dirt road. No thanks.

    Still having to retrieve shuttle we enjoyed a beer while packing up and then stopped at McD's for a salt and grease fix. It was pretty late by the time we retrieved the Juke and were on the way back down, but with rain starting to threaten we dared not hang out up north there, that dirt that turns to death mud when wet. I made it far as the rest stop before I decided to pull in and sleep for awhile.

    Defintely a great day on the bike, while San Diego got rained on heavily. Thanks for the ride Schillingsworth!

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    Bonus TR:

    Saturday was a bit of a crap shoot weather wise. Forecast was looking iffy in Phx area but looked clear in the afternoon in both the Yuma and Palm Springs/Joshua Tree areas.

    After a couple hour nap at the rest stop I headed down to the rec area at Buckeye where I could sleep under a ramada and not worry about any rain.

    I slept in til 10, the campers in their RVs probably thought I was crazy but it kept me dry when rains came through early morning

    I decided to ride in Yuma due to a shorter drive - they have a fun trail system near town (see trailforks). But by the time I got there the forecast had changed from morning showers to afternoon rain. And rain it did. Forecast rain kept getting extended til there was no time left to ride. So I wrote the day off, and decided to try and camp near Salton Sea. I pulled into a couple campsite but they were all full, and extremely muddy. I almost didn't make it out of them due to slippery mud.

    Headed up to my go-to site above Palm springs instead.

    It had plenty room but was only marginally better mud wise. Not sure how some of the people camped at the back end got out.

    I did a fun local loop in PS I hadn't ever checked out before

    It was a solid climb up

    Flowers were out

    Great views near the top

    Just a bit more climbing

    Til more views

    Trails were perfect with a bit of rain

    And some fun stuff lower down I hadn't known existed

    Slept in, got in a solid ride, and got home before sunset while San diego was drying itself off from another round of storms plus the BCT ride made for an awesome weekend.

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    That's outstanding, love to do a ride like that

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