Route From Antelope Wells to Tuscon?-
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    Route From Antelope Wells to Tuscon?

    HI! Sorry that I could not make this a thread. New here. I'll keep it short. Antelope Wells to Tuscon. I am trying so hard to develop a fun route between these two points.

    Next year I'll be getting into Antelope wells around sept 16th completing the CDT. One way or another, I am riding to Tuscon to catch Amtrak back home to Bellingham WA. A route that won't be longer than 4 days would be ideal.

    Would appreciate any ideas!

    Thank you

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    Hi I did the CDT last year.

    The last 60 miles or so were loaded with border guards. None were weird t us,but I've heard a fair number of horror stories. If you do it I would recommend staying as far from the border as you can. Some friends paid one of the vans coming in from Mexico for a ride to Tuscon. They said it worked well. Enjoy the CDT. It's really a great trip. Harry

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    Google "The Grand Enchantment"

    You will have to ride north from AP, but that is a start.

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    If you only have four days you are going to have to take a pretty direct route.

    There are lots of dirt roads in the bootheel of NM, so I think you can get over from NM 51, which runs to Antelope Wells to the dirt road that runs up to animas(I just looked at a map and I'm not sure), then you have to decide how to get into arizona. The southern route goes over the peloncillos on the geronimo trail, then down to the border and along it to douglas. From there you could stay basically on the border until you come to Interstate 19 north of Nogales where you can take side roads into tucson. I would think this route would be sketchy, but you may not care. If you wanted, you could go to douglas and then bisbee, sierra vista, sonoita, greaterville/continental, and up from green valley. That would work.

    The northern route would be to go through animas and over to the chiricahuas where you can take a route through Portal over them to the national monument and then to tombstone where you should probably go over to sonoita. Or go to willcox where you can pick up a dirt road(cascabel) heading straight west that hits the Pomerene road, take that north to redington, go over redington pass and ride through all of tucson on surface streets.

    You are going to need some good maps so you don't die. There are a lot of roads in arizona that could be linked together, have fun.

    As far as better advice than mine, I would ask around for routes on the advrider website in the regional forum that covers arizona, they would know the backroads.

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