We're on what we really really hope is the last season for this phase of construction. As of now there are two 9-mile segments completed, and we worked last weekend to bring them together. The area where we are building trail is spectacular. When this piece is done we'll have a trail similar to the Rainbow Rim in trail quality and scenic values. Definitely worth a visit!

If anybody wants to help get this job done, or learn more about the project, go to http://www.aztrail-build.org and you can sign up and see pics of progress. (Scott Morris will be putting photos from this weekend up probably tomorrow. If you want to ride it and need directions email me.

Our efforts to make the trails sustainable really paid off when we got hit by heavy rains, including a 100-year flood event, this summer. We had one small repair to do plus some very minor patches here and there. If anybody says it can't be done send them to Tucson.