My wife and I are taking a Spontaneous trip to Arizona next week and she’s graciously allowing me to spend a couple of days in Sedona riding! I've been there twice and loved it! I'm pretty excited to be coming back for a third time. We will be in Sedona sometime between Sunday May 15th and Tuesday May 17th.

I come from a Dual Slalom/Downhill/Freeride/BMX/Trials/XC background so I enjoy pretty much all kinds of riding. My favorite trails are the very aggressive technical trails. I can’t remember the names of the trails I liked the last time in Sedona, but the Poison Spider and Porcupine Rim trails two of my three favorites in Moab if that helps to make a comparison.

I planned on bringing either my Black Market MOB or my Salsa Caballero but in trying to be more accommodating to my wife, I'll be renting from one of the great shops there.

If anyone is up for riding while I'm visiting, I'd definitely be interested in meeting up. Please PM me for my email address.