I am visiting Phoenix on business this week. I will be picking a rental bike tomorrow with the intention of hitting up Estrella for a taste of what Phoenix MTB has to offer. I don't have a vehicle while I'm here so my rental is my mode of transportation, entertainment, and sport. Estrella is the closest trail (that I know of) to my hotel (approx 8 miles from the bike shop and 18 from the hotel) If I could squeeze in an hour of single track riding in I would be most happy. If anyone is planning on riding there Tuesday in the late afternoon and would be grateous enough to be my tour guide, I would be most appreciative. My plan is to be on the trail by 6pm or so. I know, that doesn't leave much time before the sun goes down, but I'll take what I can get.

email tturbotom@gmail.com if your interested in assisting a fellow MTBer