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    Ride by the moonlight

    Does anyone here ride by moonlight on nights like these? Any recommendations for a cheap light night otherwise?

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    Full moon no lights rides are fun, just watch your speed. The best light is a day or two before the full moon so that the moon is high enough to light the trial with minimal shadows. DC is great for rides like this, the trail really lights up in the moonlight.

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    every one in AZ should do this at least once on a full moon night. no lights is such a great experience. you soon see there are moon shadows adn you cna see quite well. droping into dark spots you use your other senses to ride. listen to the sound of your tires, feel the changing conditions with your legs and hands.

    glorious. unfortoutanly for me, I have bad night vision so its not something I do much anymore. but defiatly worth a try.

    If I were in the market for a new light system....this is what I would get. quite amazing especially when you look at the price.


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    Any recommendations for a cheap light night otherwise?
    Cygolite. Not sure if they still make the one I have but I only paid 60 bucks for it. It's a two light system, works great but I'm sure nowhere on par with expensive HID lights. Cheap though and works great for the occasional night ride. I put mine on an old helmet b/c on the bars it just made it too hard to see the turns. Having both would be the shiz but I only nightride once a year maybe. But I'd be up for another Hawes night ride, that place is spooky at night all by yourself

    EDIT: For reference here is the old model that I have. http://cygolite.com/products/halogen/Rover_NiMH.html

    It does not have a smart charger and they take 12 or 18 hours to fully charge, but hey........cheap is cheap.
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