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    Recommended Shop for Shimano Bleed?

    Anyone know of a shop that bleeds Shimano brakes using a dual syringe method instead of the standard gravity bleed? I've had some not so great results the last couple times, especially with the rear brake, with my usual shop that uses a gravity bleed. When I bled them myself, I used a jury-rigged Avid dual syringe method which seemed to give a better bleed.

    I'm in Awahtukee, so any shops nearby would be ideal.

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    First of all...any good shop should have done it right for you. Second of all....depending on the model, you may have the easiest fix available to you without you knowing about it.....your desire for a method of fix makes me wonder why you are so particular.....I could wonder....but perhaps it's best to ask you to be VERY specific as to the model you are dealing with. Either way...any reputable shop can fix it

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    I would venture to guess that you may have other issues than just bleeding. The Shimano system is very simple and doesn't require parlor tricks to bleed. The benefit to a dual syringe is the suction and push which will remove any debris from piston ports. BUT-if you have debris, that can mean the seals are deteriorating, the fluid has some gunk in it and needs completely flushed. Brake systems are not 100% sealed, which allows some debris in over time.

    Have the calipers and pistons been inspected, and rebuilt if needed? Double check with your shop that you started with, (unless they told you something like "Thats as good as it gets..") and tell them the bleed did not fix it all the way. See what they suggest.
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    These are Shimano XT brakes. I'm pretty sure the issue is that the bleed didn't remove all of the air from the rear system as the brake would get looser if I hung the bike vertically. I started noticing the brake would disappear for a few seconds while riding. It's gotten slightly worse over time but not drastically different from when it was first bled ~8 months ago. This issue has been there for both of the last 2 bleeds I've had done by my usual shop that does an excellent job on everything else.

    In my experience bleeding can be tricky, and I don't subscribe to the "any shop" theory as I've had much simpler jobs botched by local shops. I mentioned the dual syringe method as that's just my guess as to what might be the difference.

    I did the first bleed with a modified Avid dual syringe method and got good results. The shop did the next two bleeds and said they used the Shimano gravity bleed method. The mechanic I used is typically very good so I kind of doubt he screwed up the bleed, at least in terms of the Shimano procedure, but I could be wrong. Or as CStem mentioned, it could be another issue, all together.

    Either way, I feel like trying a different shop this time to see if they can get better results. I'd still appreciate a recommendation for a shop near Awahtukee that others have had good results from in terms of Shimano brakes. I was thinking maybe I'd try Global Bikes on Ray.
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