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    Prescott area trails? And rentals?

    Hello AZ forum!

    I'll be staying in Prescott in early May and am hoping to get out for at least one day of riding. Was wondering if anyone has a trail recommendation - looking for a good epic technical trail with classic southwestern scenery.

    More importantly, any rental bike options? I don't see any shop in Prescott that rents bikes that are worth renting.

    Thanks very much for any advice or suggestions!


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    Ironclad Bikes is soppose to be a good place to rent bikes, and trail 307 is a good one its like 3.5 miles of climbing which is a a$$kicker but the pay off is a 5.5 mile downhill

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    We don't really have any epic "technical" trails in Prescott. We do have some fun downhills, some areas have a few technical features, there are also the Dells (lots of short steep uphills and downhills, never any real pay-off though). If you want more deserty scenery, you want Granite Basin. If you want more alpine scenery, you want to head up to the top of Spruce Mountain, although anything above about 6000' is usually ponderosa pines and above 6500' it starts to mix with firs quite a bit (and there are aspens in a few places if you know where to look).

    The 307 downhill is only about 3 miles, considering you head out on the ridge for about 2 miles and it only really starts going down at 3 miles. It's real loose and has water-bars that can catch you if you don't lean back and stuff. It's a fun downhill and one of my "big three" as far as the best downhills around here. It's a little difficult to include it with other trails though and it's not a long ride. The climb up (3.5 miles) is steep and technical at places, the "descent" is 5.5 miles, but doesn't really start going down until a few miles and the bottom is flat/slight uphill back to the parking area.

    297 is also a great downhill, it has some uphills, but a fairly long downhill section that is a hoot. If you want a longer epic ride I recommend one of a few, either head up 305 and take 297 at the end, either go "out and back" on 297 OR climb on Spruce Mtn Rd up to Spruce Mountain and do the "Spruce Mountain Loop" on 307 (this is a LOT of climbing, at least 4000' vert) OR, head up trail 62 to 9854J to 299 to Spruce Mtn Road to 297 and down that to 305 and you end up back where you started. The climb up 62 sucks and it's loose/ways steep at 3 specific spots, but the entire ride gets better and better the further you go. It's more like 3000-3500' of climbing. The last OR would be to simply head up 297 from the beginning, then go up Spruce Mtn Road to do the Spruce Mtn Loop (307) then head back down to 297 to the end of that trail. It's shorter, but again a LOT of vertical and it seems like you go futher vertically than horizontally, it's fun, but you should be prepared for the extreme climbing. So there are about 4 options here that you could do, depending on out-and-back vs loops.

    Those are some of the funner ones, another fun one for me is trail 40 in Granite Basin, I'm sure erosion is taking a toll, but it's the third "big downhill" that we have that is a hoot, you can also continue down past Granite Basin lake down 345 (or take 352, it's a fun shorter downhill) for a mild downhill with a few fun technical features. Then you have to climb back up either 345 or 347 (no technical on 347 though).

    There are lots of other trails on this map:
    Look around Spruce Mountain, Lynx Lake, Granite Basin Lake. Thumb Butte is generaly mild riding, but a lot of shorter trails. Same thing in between Thumb Butte and Granite Basin.

    There are a couple other trails with a few "technical" features, but either they do not link up well to make bigger rides or they are simply not very technical. There are LOTS of options though and ways to link trails.
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    if you're looking to rent i highly recommend ironclad. give them a call they will have what you need.

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    Manzanita Outdoors is introducing a high end demo program on Giant and Felt bicycles.

    Should be in effect by the time you visit.

    Very easy access from their location to T305 and beyond... but almost all the Prescott trails are minutes from town and as Jayem pointed out so there are lots of options to choose from.
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