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    Post 'em up!! 2017 ride stats

    Let's see what you all did this year. Did you set any goals? Meet them? Come up short?

    I don't typically set stat goals, I just aim for adventure and let everything else fall where it may. 2017's adventure meter was pegged, so for me it was highly rewarding.

    Here's my VeloViewer pic, 100% mountain bike.
    Post 'em up!! 2017 ride stats-veloviewer_2017.jpg
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    Impressive vert. I was trying to hit 400k but failed again. Trying to hit a higher climbing ratio to mileage is a tougher goal imho than just mileage, at least for me.

    Post 'em up!! 2017 ride stats-velow.jpg

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    Post 'em up!! 2017 ride stats-2017.jpg

    So my year was literally a tale of two halves. The first half was amazing and included a successful completion of the AZTR 300 in April - that was my one goal for the year and it was one of the greatest accomplishments in my life.

    The second half, sucked ass. My riding took a nosedive as I had to navigate two bombshells in my personal life. A breakup of a long term relationship that completely blindsided me and ended in divorce after 16 years of marriage. WTF. Follow that up with a melanoma diagnosis that thankfully was caught early before it had a chance to migrate throughout my body but still scared the hell out of me.

    The good news is that I've grown a lot over the past six months. I'm ready for 2018 to be here, and I have my sights on getting back into decent shape this year. So I've set my sights on riding the AZTR 300 in 2019.

    All of this to say - life is amazing and nothing is guaranteed. What you think is a given might not be. Work on getting better every day as a person. You can only control you!

    AZT300 finish line!
    Post 'em up!! 2017 ride stats-aztfinish.jpg

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    I'll play but kudos to you guys. Hard to imagine rides of 100+ miles but 500?. Good lord!

    Count: 122 Activities
    Distance: 1,526.75 mi
    Time: 207:40:13 h:m:s
    Elev Gain: 182,175 ft
    Avg Speed: 7.4 mph
    Avg HR: 116 bpm

    My season ended on Nov 7 with a total knee. Got back on the bike yesterday for a short jaunt in week 7 post TKR up Schultz Creek. I didn't make it very far and am paying the price today. Anyhoo, happy new year to all of youzz!

    Post 'em up!! 2017 ride stats-xray_20171025_crop.jpg

    Post 'em up!! 2017 ride stats-xray_20171107_crop.jpg

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    Here's my simple screen shot. It's better than expected since I started the year with a broken hand, off the bike for 3 months. Longest ride was the big B-Day beatdown, 118.5 miles and just over 10k feet of elevation. Mine are also all mountain bike.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Post 'em up!! 2017 ride stats-screen-shot-2017-12-31-7.56.57-pm.png  

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    Not even close to the numbers above, but I figure decent enough for having just gotten into mtb this year. Started off on flat crap on an old hard tail, then went for the next step in September with a new full squish and determination to make those monthly payments to Specialized worthwhile.

    1025 miles, 70167ft, 134 rides (since May 26th.)

    Edit: Now with more trendy infographic:

    Post 'em up!! 2017 ride stats-download.jpg

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    Post 'em up!! 2017 ride stats-veloviewer-2017.jpg

    Good year for me.

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    Ok Iíll play.

    No. Of activities = 148
    Miles = 3403
    Elevation gain = 129,453 ft
    Avg speed = 11.4 mph
    Avg HR = 115 bpm

    Average speed a little high due to spending more time on my gravel bike. Stats down from last year. Lost almost all of March with infected finger. Had a PICC installed with continuous drip of antibiotics. Bad wreck in June on Bearfoot trail, 2 cracked ribs and sternum. Then managed a concussion in November in non-bike accident. 2017 was extremely hard on my 62 year old body!

    Everybody please be safe.

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    apparently my year was a big f'ing waste. Not only did I not get fast, I didn't do shite - per Strava.

    Post 'em up!! 2017 ride stats-velo_viewer.jpg

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    ^^^ FAIL.
    and since when is LA and Tijuana ZERO miles apart? Do they look so much alike now we just call them the same thing?

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    Post 'em up!! 2017 ride stats-infographic.jpg

    I was consistent at least. My total mileage was six less than my total from 2016. I would have equaled or exceeded it had I not broke a crank screw during a cx race on new years eve.

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    I've only been riding for about 8 months. 6 of those on a low end Hardtail. Really happy with my first year of MTBing.

    Post 'em up!! 2017 ride stats-download.jpg

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    I'm not a local, but vacay in AZ twice a year. About 200 of these are in Tucson/Flagstaff.

    Post 'em up!! 2017 ride stats-capture.jpg

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    It was a decent year. I would have cracked 2K without the 6 weeks off the bike due to injury. Went on a lot of fun rides with some great people.

    Distance 1,908.2 mi
    Time 221h 38m
    Elev Gain 170,538 ft
    Rides 166

    Distance 102.9 mi
    Time 18h 40m
    Elev Gain 6,588 ft
    Runs 25

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