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    Possible route between Sunrise Trail and Hawes

    The possible closure of the 145th Way easement at the Sunrise trailhead has made me look at alternate routes from there.

    One particularly interesting route goes to the Hawes trail system. The straight line distance between Sunrise trailhead and Hawes is 8 miles, likely a 10+ mile ride. Google Earth's satellite photos show several trails that could be used to connect both trails, including the canal roads if accessible.

    Has anyone tried such a ride? Ever thought about it? Would anyone like to go explore such a route?

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    What is this possible closure you are talking about?. Are they going to close off the 145th Way north so you will be unable to reach the Dixie Mine and Sonoran Trails in MMP?
    Did some reading and caught up on the issue.
    As far as your question I think most of that land between Sunrise and Hawes is Indian reservation if Im not mistaken. Not sure how that would work out.
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    Yeah, closing 145th Way would leave you wondering where to go after riding down Sunrise Trail, a favorite descent to many mountain bikers.

    I looked up the land ownership and you're right, it's all labeled Indian land south of Doubletree Ranch Rd.

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    I have probed this area many times as I work near FT hills but live right next to Hawes. There are trails along the canal and around it but they are burr infested and overgrown in many places and not exactly flowing. Plus you run the risk of an Indian Cop taking your bike (signage says they can find you and confiscate your vehicle). I'd be happy to show you the best trails that I have found if you show me yours.

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