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    Phoenix vs Tuscon??

    I am headed down to the southern AZ area in about a month, and I wanted to get some ideas on some good rides. Last year my girlfriend and I rode in Prescott and Sedona and had a great time. Ideally we are looking for like 20mi loops/rides, and somewhere along the technical level of most of the Sedona area trails (yes I know there are crazy Gnarly trails there that only true trail bosses can ride, but im talking like the Airport trails, the Bell Rock/ Submarine Rock trails, etc.). SO, with that said and those parameters listed, any recommendations would be great. I have the Falcon Guide Phoenix book, and the MTN Bike America AZ book, and there are plenty of trails to keep us interested, I just wanted to see what you guys have to say. Let me know as any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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    Quote Originally Posted by peletonnissen
    I have the ...MTN Bike America AZ book
    Allegedly written by a complete hack...

    I can't comment on Tucson trails, as I have very limited experiences with them, but I'm sure both cities will have what you're looking for. One thing to keep in mind is that the trails in Prescott and Sedona, for the most part, are more hard packed than the trails in Phoenix or Tucson. That is, most of the trails down here are extremely rocky and looser than up north. But Phoenix offers longer, intermediate trails that are ideal for many, even out-of-towners.
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    If you want 20 mi loops in Tucson of intermediate difficulty I would look at the following:

    50 Year trail from start from Catalina State Park and return. You can throw in the Chutes and add Middle Gate trail as an option and come in a little over 20 mi.

    You can easily get in 20 mi in Tucson Mountain Park by stringing together a Starr Pass starting point with some of the west side loops thrown in. You could also connect from Star Pass to the Robles trail area to the south and make some loops that way.

    You could do multiple loops of Sweetwater.

    You could ride the AZ trail from Pistol Hill to Three Bridges and return.

    The most difficult to do with out a guide is likely Tucson Mountain Park as it can be difficult to string together all of the trail options without a guide.

    If you decide to visit Tucson try as a trail map resource or post to and post your interest in riding an area and you will likely find a friendly local guide willing to help out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skinny-tire
    Allegedly written by a complete hack...
    Har har HARDY. Har.


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    come to tucson and just send a shout out at tucson.mtb- lots of folks willing to show you around.

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    Black Canyon Trail - in between Phoenix and Prescott, off the I-17

    McDowell Sonaran Preserve - North Scottsdale, search for Double Bypass or Quadruple Bypass
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    If the nice weather holds up check out Bug Springs to Prison Camp in Tucson. It's about a 17mi ride with a 7.5 mi grind up paved Mt Lemmon Hwy then a 15min steep hike a bike. What follows is a super sweet mid tech downhill rage that has a little bit of everything; steeps, slick rock, pines, lots of air time and killer views of town. Rode it last wknd, EPIC. AZ Cyclist on Broadway can give you the beta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skinny-tire
    But Phoenix offers longer, intermediate trails that are ideal for many, even out-of-towners.
    If you only knew....

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