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    OT - AZ Related - Scrub Jay

    CJ's Desert Dwellers: Scrub Jay Aphelocoma coerulescens

    These guys are back in force, good amount in the 50 Year Trail area. These birds are smart and were the test subjects in a fairly recent U of A study, further ascertaining that birds possess episodic as well as semantic memory.

    Family: Corvidae (Jays, Crows, Ravens, Magpies)

    General Information: Perching birds found worldwide, except S. America, Antarctica and a few islands. All have long strong bills with the nostrils covered by forward pointing bristles.

    The Scrub Jay Aphelocoma coerulescens is crestless and further distinguished from the other jays by the white eyestripe, white throat with 'necklace'. It's back has a pale brownish cast.

    Scrub Jays range is the western U.S. to southern Mexico and Florida. Their habitat is foothills, scrub, oak-chaparral in this area.

    A similar species is the Gray-Breated or Mexican Jay. With our proximity to Mexico, we get both species, here. It lacks the white eyestripe and sounds completely different.

    This particular Scrub Jay Aphelocoma coerulescens was taking it's offspring around to all the feeders on the grounds.
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    WOW Arizona!

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    Thanks again for another great shot!

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    hey cj, I have a buddy that is in Tucson for some business this week and I was thinkin about comming down to hang out with him, and maybe stay over night and make the most of the trip to see some sights. I'm not bringin my bike or looking to ride this time, any recommendations on where to stay and what to do?

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