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    OT: (Almost) FREE Desert Pollinator Plants!!!


    Our gardens are bountiful, once again.

    OT: (Almost) FREE Desert Pollinator Plants!!!-img_6764-version-2.jpg

    Sacred Datura has a 'morning bloom' with Glandularia tenuisecta at the top and Salvia farinacea adorning the bottom of the Datura corolla

    Instead of transplanting more plants to more places, we are choosing to attempt to share them with the community. These are desert 'pollinator' plants, native bunch grasses and perennials. All are 'cold hardy' (we get frost from late Nov-March at my location)They would cost from $7-30 EACH commercially, and you can take home $50-$75 (easily, all different varieties) worth in exchange for a bag of potting soil or a $5-10 contribution to our wild bird food fund. Beautify your area AND improve the environment!!!

    I'll supply transplant instructions and after care for all species you would choose. We have plant pots, but, you'll need supplemental potting soil to fill the pots. Also, by transplanting to pots w/soil, you can keep them in the shade and moist and take a couple of days to get them in the ground.

    Minimal prep BEFORE transplanting will assist a successful transfer. Methods that have worked for me will be gladly shared.

    My plants are sourced from native fauna on the property and surrounding locales, research plants from my 'desert doctorate' friend as well as from Tohono Chul & Desert Survivors. I've been collecting seed for years from various locations (legally, under the auspices of a professor with research permissions) and cultivating multiple species of native bunch grasses. those are available, as well.

    I want to move a lot of them as soon as possible. Some of the Blanket Flowers (Gallardia sp., three kinds) and Chocolate Flowers (Berlandieri sp) grow fast at this time of year and some are getting crowded. Several ground covers; Frogfruit (Lippia sp) as well as all of the Purple Verbenas ( True verbenas as well as Glandularia sp) can be obtained for an extended period. I have a lot, but, if they don't go, I'll just move them all over the grounds. The issue is that my gardens are very extensive, now, and transplanting equals MORE time spent maintaining and I spend 6 + hours EACH day, now (Sunday, 15.75 hours in the gardens!).

    There are several large (what would be minimum 5 gallon sized plants) Salvias that I want to move, also.

    There are a lot of beautiful productive hybrids that I've carefully cultivated and it would be nice to see the beauty of these spread around.

    Here's a FB gallery of shots from the gardens. Almost all of the colorful plants you see in the photos are available. (NO FB ACCOUNT NEEDED TO VIEW)

    Call 520.907.8735 to arrange a time and directions. We are located north of Tucson, near the 50 Year Trail
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    WOW Arizona!

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