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    old tires, Stans, rough bead, re-usable?

    I pulled a set of 2.5 2-ply Maxxis Minions off my wheels (Mavic SXs), which had been run tubeless with Stans for quite some time.
    Beads are pretty rough... Stans deteriorated them possibly.

    I now need to put these tires back on.
    In your experience, are these rough beads going to reseat and hold air (Stansd) or am I wasting my time?
    The tires still held air like a champ when I removed them last month.

    And, for the record, if you are going to wail a 7 coil bike on south mountain, single ply Larsens are a very poor choice of rubber... even with Stans on board.
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    IMHO the only way to know it to try it out. If it held before why wouldn't it hold now?

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    anything is possible, but sounds like you may be in for an uphill battle. if they are wire beads and bent up, you are screwed. you could try mounting them without spunk only using soapy water to get an idea of if they will seat before you make a mess.
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    When I had to seat old, used beads, I used the wife's green scrub pad from the kitchen sink to clean 'em up a little bit. Before cleaning the bead they didn't want to seat but after they did great.
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    Just clean them up a bit and add a tad bit more stans I have had no issues and have pulled some nasty suckers that even showed rust.
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    well, I used a nylon brush and some simple green... then washed the residue away with clean water.
    I seated them last night and they actually held air without Stans... although rather low pressure this morning.
    I'll add Stans today and call it a done deal.

    Thanks all.
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