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    New tires for a newbie

    I just started riding a couple of months ago and have a feeling that my current tires aren't sufficient. I ride a Trek 4500 with 26" wheels and mainly ride Hawes Trail. I am overwhelmed by all of the different tires available. Can anyone recommend a tire suitable for Hawes?


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    I just put on some Kendall Nevgal's, and I love em.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AzMtbeR
    I just put on some Kendall Nevgal's, and I love em.
    I went with 2.35 DTC. they are probably a little big for hawes but the still work great and I was able to convert them to ghetto tubeless.

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    a great tire for haws that is inexpensive is the 2.1 panaracer fire xc pro. get 'em at price point .com for 19.95 ea. or two for like 34 bucks plus ship. ive used several and really like 'em. for more money i recommend maxxis 2.3 minion dh front specific and a 2.1 maxxis advantage for the rear.
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    I would go with a Bontrager Jones, love mine

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    There are many, MANY threads on tire choice here. Do a search, and you will have a plethora of information.
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    I popped my MTB cherry on hawes just over a year ago. When first learning out there...I was really washing out in the corners...mostly from inexperience and a lack of skills. But I lost the stock bonties I was on and grabbed some tires with some serious side knobs...what I found was the 2.3 WTB Weirwolf which I put up front and was instantly significantly reduced the front tire washing out on me and allowed me the confidence to push it while building up skills and experience. It seemed to really grip on that decomposed granite over hard pack and sandy washes. For the rear, I was struggling with climbing on the loose stuff....again, mostly a factor of inexperience at the time. But I reasoned that if I got something with treads that looked like paddle wheels....I would be doing myself a favor. I found the 2.3 WTB Prowler which again helped me out. After about a year, I've switched to a much lighter tire on the rear based on personal preference and have gone with a front tire with less aggressive side knobs up front for less squirm on hard rock edging....but I credit those two tires with helping me with early skill building.

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    check out WTBs site, they have nice guide for a tire's intended purpose and pics of the tread. Hawes is dry and sandy over hardpack (generally) so you don't need huge knobs but more smaller knobs. Big nobs = paddles, good for deep stuff and mud (generally). Smaller\more knobs generally are better for hardpack or when you need lots of surface like in sandy kitty litter.

    MyBikeIsBroekn's advice is right on - tons of tire threads, spend and hour or 2 reading you will learn a lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AzMtbeR
    I just put on some Kendall Nevgal's, and I love em.
    +1 on the Nevegals for all around tires. I put them on when I don't want to have to change my tires for a while. They aren't the best for any situation, but are fine for nearly all situations. Especially if you are still trying to figure out which riding you like best (XC, racing, DH, etc.), these should work for you unless you decide to focus on any specific type of riding....
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