Need info from Damfino riders...-
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    Need info from Damfino riders...

    Hey all! I just got back from Sedona today, the G/F and I hiked past the cowpies to find the Damfino trail. Besides being a completely mind-blowing hike I also was trying to scope out trail to see if it would be a good ride.

    We made it up and over the saddle, down the trail on the right side where it switched-back a few times and barely clung to the cliffs, and finally to the other side where it pops back out in the open facing Midgely Bridge. I was getting all excited because the trail was so tight and technical, and according to Cosmic Ray's book it says there should be a steep and fast downhill soon.

    But once I got to the other-side, I looked for any sign of trail leading down towards the bridge( or at least in that general direction) and couldn't see anything. I even walked further around to the right(still on slickrock) and it looked like the trail dissappears.

    So......does the trail go straight down the mountain?

    I have tried a search on maps and previous posts already, but using the map on slickrock is confusing to me.

    Can any of you crazies who ride this trail help? thanks

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    I know there are maps of that area around I just cant remember where I saw them.
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    Toward's the bridge isn't the right direction....

    From the slickrock nose on the northern prong of Mitten Ridge the trail drops straight down and along the narrow ridge towared Allens Bend and the bottom of Casner Canyon. You can drop straight down the nose on a long-travel bike or contour a little right and then back a little left and it's all rideable. After that the ride along the ridgeline isn't steep or technical until the tip where it switchbacks steeply down the ne side to join the last 100 yds of Casner Canyon trail.

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    What no photo's

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