Mt. Elden favorite loops ?-
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    Mt. Elden favorite loops ?

    Hi...heading up to Flag this weekend...what loops would you recommend ? say 12-15 mi, lots of climbing is good...I usually park there at mt. elden rd (years ago)...better places to start maybe closer to town ?
    thanks for any info...
    btw, I have dales map of trails and such...just looking for suggestions !

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    durtgurl has posted up some good ones in the past - all good trails there

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    this will fit your bill (hope you can find a map with the 'right' names on it): buffalo park -> jumps -> rocky ridge -> middle oldham -> elden lookout rd -> red onion -> sunset -> upper brookbank -> past the dry lake -> little gnarly -> shultz -> dogfood -> shultz -> rocky ridge -> jumps -> buffalo park.

    fwiw, you could start this at the Y, too... but i'm a sunnysider, so i always head in near the buffalo...

    and, ya know, now that i've typed it, i think i'm gonna ride it in the AM, too! yee haw!

    we'll call it at something like 12-13 miles, give it a 5 of 10 for climbing, a 9 of 10 for singletrack (there's 10 minutes on the road to get from middle oldham to red onion), and (for the moment) a 10 of 10 for "favorite elden loop" tho technically, i guess, dogfood is officially off-the-hill and more on the fort valley system...
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    Schultz, Weatherford, Lookout, Secret, Supermoto, and if you feel like it dogfood and others.

    Otherwise, climb up Shultz, Little Gnarly, Brookbank, Sunset, Little Bear, back to Shultz Pass and down Shultz.

    I'm not a fan of riding up Mt Elden road, although Rocky's route has a pretty minimal amount of time spent on it. For the most part there are perfectly good trails to ride up on.
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    I pretty always do this loop when I go up:

    Up Rocky Ridge to the road. Grind up the road to Sunset. Sunset to Little Bear, then back around to Schultz and down.

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    This is one of my favorite routes. From the Y, up Shultz -> Dogfood -> Onceler -> La Bomba (or any other favorite name) -> Secret -> Sunset -> Little Bear -> Little Elden -> Shultz.

    I can't remember the exact mileage, but it is somewhere in the 15-20 mile range.

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