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    Most popular Bike Shop?

    And while we're at it, what's the most popular:
    Front Tire (26")
    Rear Tire (29")
    Stem (oversized)
    Rear Tire (26")
    Tire Iron
    CO2 cartridge
    Saddle bag
    Sock Colour
    Tube (Schrader)
    Tube (Preston)
    Lube (for sexual pleasure)
    Lube (all others)

    (Just to head Ilovemtbiking/metalneverdies off at the pass.)
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    Front Tire (26") - Maxxis Aspen
    Rear Tire (29") - I don't really care since I don't have a 29er
    Stem (oversized) - White Ritchey WCS
    Seat - Fizik tundra
    Rear Tire (26") - Maxxis Aspen
    Tire Iron - Don't need one with the Aspens
    CO2 cartridge - Big Air
    Saddle bag - Awesome strap
    Sock Colour - Black with orange stripes
    Tube (Schrader) - Don't use them
    Tube (Preston) - Don't use them
    Lube (for sexual pleasure) - Spit
    Lube (all others) - Chain L No.5
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    what is the most popular kind of used tire lever?
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    do you mean to infer a tire lever which HAS been used....or a tire lever used by most of us MTBR's? If the former.....I could bring mine (Pedros....yellow brand) to the swap at SoMo....since I can't SELL them....I will glady trade them for a 29'er frame XTR crank. They're I noted above, 4 inches long....come with hollowed out back sides to reduce weight....are high density plastic....and have been used lightly, but faithfully for the past 18 months. I am parting with them because they are a little rough on my to get to the point....I would vote that the Pedro tire levers are not the most popular kind of used tire lever.....or the most popular tire lever used.

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