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    More from the land of Oz

    When you haven't been riding regularly for the past 6 months, and by regularly I mean more than 30-40 minutes at a time every week or 2, then you suddenly put 4-ish hours in over 2 days, your a$$ is likely to feel just like eabos describes being gang-raped in prison. Except I'm not enjoying it.

    There. Now that I got that extended one-liner that I've been thinking about all morning out of the way, here's more from Oz(tralia). These pics are from You-Yangs regional park. You-Yangs is an Aboriginal word that means something. Not sure what. Temp was about 50-55 degrees, with hardpack sand unlike anything I've ever ridden. It's similar to midwest hardpack, but stickier. It was wicked fast on the corners.

    Gnar factor (aka, the "Mad Max" factor) = 1 (out of 10)
    Vertical suffrage factor = 0.1
    Kangaroo sightings = 3!
    Actual Kangaroo sightings = 0
    Lord of the Rings factor = 7 (I drove past a "shire" on the way there)
    Return of the Jedi speeder bike factor = 9
    Geek factor = No idea, I'm not qualified to rank this. Ask PaulB.
    Overall fun factor = 9

    It had me thinking of Shultz Creek the whole time, except there's 50K of it. That's about 31 'Merican miles

    View from near the top of Flinders peak:

    As usual, the best trails are off limits to bikes, unfortunately:

    As I spun up the road a little to get warmed up I came across this. A little ways further I saw an unnamed (presumably) Ford product doing little figure 8's and spraying mud everywhere. I want that job:

    I didn't see any today:

    And thus it began:

    Obligatory shot-with-a-part-of-your-bike-in-it-to-prove-you-were-there-and-didn't-just-rip-it-off-the-net:

    And another:

    Most of it was standard, hardpack, big-ring-turn-and-burn terrain:

    Green things:

    Flowery things:

    Test your skills!

    Trailside fungi/nutrition. I soon wondered if there was a little man living under it. That was shortly after I ate it:

    Test your skills again!

    Another glorious sight:

    Strangely, I got hungry for veal on the way home. Actually, I can't eat lamb, they're too damn cute:

    Let's play a many ways is this picture different from Arizona?

    It's amazing how much your bike can improve your psyche when you're alone in a different country for months on end, much less just riding your local trails.

    You-Yangs has a few NRA-like areas, (jumps, berms, pump-tracks, you name it) and some extended log-rides, one of which took me nearly a minute and a half to ride across. I had the video running while I rode it, but it was so shaky I almost threw up watching it. Note to self: Attach camera to helmet, not handlebars. I'd have taken pics, but was having too much fun. Where's u2metoo when you need him?

    Good times.

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