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    McDowell Sonoran Preserve MTB Access

    Need some assistance/input from interested parties on this.
    I've been somewhat loosely involved over the years with
    access in and around the north side as it relates to rockclimbing.

    There's an oppty. for mtb'ers and climbers to work together
    to help influence maintaining MTB access as well as just
    hiking/climbing access.

    If you're interested in helping, drop me a PM.

    thanks in advance


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    The MSC has definitive plans for access on the north side of the McDowells that should be implemented in 2008 - 2009. I'd suggest that if you want to get involved, call Claire Miller, Preserve Manager (480) 998-7971.

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    True.. they are looking at specific access points and
    such on the NE side.

    If folks ride out there.. I'd encourage them to get out
    and enjoy the cooler temps now.

    Some folks want to close the old jeep trail that runs
    south from the Rock Knob (Knob Hill) area.
    even for hiking and biking. Indeed, they have removed
    it from the Preserve trail maps, which means that humans
    in the future may not be allowed to follow it
    (therefore no climbing access either)

    At the end of the jeep trail mtn bikes turn left/east into
    the County Park and can connect with the Pemberton

    This connection may be closed because of pressure
    from the strict preservationists.

    So loosing the jeep trail really could hurt the mtn bikers and
    rockclimbers preserve access as well.

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    A bit more info...

    non-motorized (in the USFS sense) excludes MTB's
    Links the the 'trail master plans' are here:

    Interesting Article...

    Abuse by the 'slob faction'
    Good judgement crucial to enjoying trails of McDowell Sonoran Preserve and state owned lands
    by Jennifer Krahe

    SCOTTSDALE - Claire Miller, manager of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, calls them the "slob faction." They are the equestrians, hikers, bikers and all terrain vehicle riders who ignore the rules of the preserve and state held lands to which certain guidelines apply.

    In 1990, City of Scottsdale voters began approving acquisition and preservation of the McDowell Mountains and Sonoran Desert through the non profit McDowell Sonoran Land Trust. Helped by small tax increases in 1995 and 2004, and strong support for reclassification of lands suitable for preservation in 2001, the preserve continues its growth.

    With Scottsdale's planned purchase of large state owned parcels surrounding the preserve, the city's goal of setting aside 36,460 acres seems well within reach. As calculated by the city, this acreage is one third of Scottsdale's total land area, or, the size of Paradise Valley and Tempe combined.

    Although horseback riders, hikers and bikers contribute to degradation of trails by ignoring preserve or state suggestions regarding usage, violation of the applicable rules by riders of all terrain vehicles (ATVs) is the easiest to identify-the most obvious signs of which are noise and noticeable damage to the area.

    Residents living close to the preserve's borders at Stagecoach Pass often report ATVs ripping through the area at reckless speeds, their hot exhausts dangerously close to dry desert vegetation. Usually sporting out of state plates, these riders ignore preserve boundaries, as well as the rules for state trust lands intended for preserve expansion.

    Is this bad rap justified? At first glance it would seem so, but it's a perfect example of "the slob faction."

    "Doesn't matter what group of users you have, there are those individuals who give that group a bad reputation and name," Miller points out. "Our experience with motorized riders in general has been very positive," she added.

    Following a highly successful "meet and greet" last Saturday, Miller is happy to report that lines of communication between those charged with the care of preserve and state owned lands and motorized and non motorized usage groups are wide open.

    Representatives from the McDowell Sonoran Preserve and State Land Trust, as well as the Fish and Game Commission and the Scottsdale Police Department, were on hand to answer questions and provide advice. Informational packets went to every person in attendance.

    The McDowell Sonoran Preserve demands all preserve land be restricted to non motorized use.

    "Appropriate passive public use" is the phrase the City of Scottsdale employs on its Web site to describe activity permitted on preserve lands. Motorized riders are legally permitted to continue using nearby state trust land, but are asked to remain on designated trails and stay out of the preserve.

    In both situations the guidelines stress that those enjoying the land pay attention to the Sonoran Preserve's trail usage suggestions and Arizona state law, as retaining the natural ecosystem is most important to all parties involved.

    "We don't care who owns the land; let's do the right thing," Miller suggests.

    Reach the Reporter at:

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    helping in the general sense is good but...

    The reason for my post is that there is a specific
    oppty. for showing some of the power's that be,
    that MTB folks use that aforementioned
    jeep road as a connector to the pemberton.

    I've got some further details, but wanted to share
    via a PM with people that had a few hours to help
    this coming weekend. Doesn't need to be some
    mass effort, or anything of the sort. Just generally
    people in the area, using the trail/road are enough

    Like I said, I'll probably be out there rockclimbing,
    but wanted to let MTB'ers be aware of things as well.



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    Specifc area/trail in question

    I got into google earth today and created a quick map,
    showing things in relation to the Pemberton Trail.

    The pushpin deals denote climbing areas/formations.

    Blue line denotes jeep rd. that rockclimbers are interested
    in keeping as an additional trail to provide access to
    Sven Towers, The Granite Ballroom and Hog Heaven

    Suppose it would be nice/cool to have a connector to
    the Pemberton, but I'm guessing that is not in the cards
    since the City of Scottsdale and Maricopa County aren't
    the same entities.

    I've got family showing up mid next week, and unfortunately
    am not going to be able to get out there on Sunday for
    climbing/biking. Too much stuff to get done (house
    projects/moving) before they all show Wed. uuuuugh!

    Not sure if others have ridden/used this area specifically
    or not, more of an FYI than anything, but climbers would
    like to see the blue lined road stay open or become a

    Current plans that I've seen from the City do not show it



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    Cross post to 'around the McDowells' ride in Google Maps

    The connector to the Pemberton area is used on this loop as

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    ...and here I thought nobody ever looked at my map -- now I feel that it was worth the all-day ride to plot it out.

    Official County Park access from the northern slope of the McDowells would be a great thing -- those that live in the N Valley won't have to go down to Shea and over to FHills.

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    V02, If you want to access MMP on bike from the north you can do so very easily. Just take the access trail from Rock Knob and follow it to the southeast corner of MSC property. There is an approved access through the fence onto a fast downhill single track that takes you to Pemberton. Eventually there will be a formal trail head and parking area at Rock Knob. For now, however, it's primative.
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