Just throwing this out there to see if anyone has any suggestions:

Since I'm a mountain biker, I've been asked to lead a ride for a large group of Boy Scouts up on the rim this summer. Only problem is, I'm new to the area and have no idea what to ride. I'm hoping to make a day trip to check the area out, but I thought I might ask here to narrow it down. I've searched around and found some trails, but most were a little too far from our headquarters. I'm looking for something:
  • within about 10-15 minutes of our campsite, which is right between Forest Lakes and Heber, a mile north of HWY 260 on Nelson Fire Road.
  • beginner to intermediate. Doubletrack is fine, or pretty easy singletrack.
  • mostly downhill shuttle would be great, loops are fine too.
  • that takes about three hours to ride.

The southern portion of Willow Springs Lake trail seems like it might fit my criteria?

I might be hoping for too much here, but anyone have any ideas? Thanks.