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    Looking for name of a trail network/park

    In advance, sorry for the (likely) dumb question. I met some riders in SoCal who mentioned a trail network/park near Kingman. I cannot recall the name of the area. They described it as having lots of well maintained trails. Numerous slick rock sections, and red like Sedona. It sounded like a great ride, I did some Strava research, as well as poking around in the AZ forums, but before I make the drive from Vegas I'd like to know I have the right place. Any info is appreciated.

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    I believe it's Monolith Gardens, haven't been there though and know virtually nothing about it. If you ride it, post up how it is, I drive through Kingman to Bootleg Canyon a few times a year and a new ride spot along the way would be awesome.

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    That may be it, did a bit more looking. I do recall an M in the name, and the location seems accurate. Hoping someone in the area can perhaps confirm/deny this?

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    I think eabos is right about Monolith Gardens.

    Here is an older thread about some of the riding in the area.


    Seems like MG was the fun/flowy place at the time and it sounds like they were going to get some additional miles.

    If anything you could try PM'ing some of the posters in this old thread to see if they could confirm for you.


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