That other forum was getting nowhere, I thought I would post about a rack that can easily be made legal per Arizona law (for daytime use). Add a light and it would be legal for nighttime use, as well (I think, I don't pretend to know the law!)

For those of you that have the "Xport Flatbed" hitch rack (Performance Bike), there are two holes that hold the arms up when the hitch is not in use. When you remove these two pins to lower the arms, the holes are the perfect distance apart, and of the right diameter, to insert the license plate holder screws from the back of your car/truck. I have posted the steps below:

1) The two pins in place with the arms up (I do not drive in this position, when the rack is not in use I take it off)

2) The two holes exposed once the arms are lowered

3) The screws removed from the car, and two nuts that I had in the garage that fit these screws

4) The car with the license plate on it (obviously obstructed)

5) The car with the license plate on the rack

6) Close-up of the license on the rack

Hope this proves useful for anyone with this rack. I am sure that I am not the first to do this trick, but I wanted to show how easy it is for those of you that have this rack.