...do I look any different?

It wasn't one of my smarter moves. I was riding up the Mt. Lemmon highway on my XC mountain bike, and since I was planning on riding up to MP 11 and then back down the road I had left my armor at home.

However, after the first mile I passed a guy humping up the pavement on an Uzzi SLX that was set up for some reasonably rough riding, and we spoke as I passed him by. He said he was going to go down La Milagrosa, that he rode it 3X each week. I said I was sticking to the pavement.

I got up to MP 7 and couldn't get the guy out of my mind. Who knows how long before I encounter another rider who is THAT familiar with La Milagrosa? Since I am geneticly lacking that voice that tells me not to do idiotic things, it seemed like a good change of plan to go back down until I met him again, and ask if I could join him.

So I rode La Milagrosa! I suppose my one time on National Trail is the closest thing to what this was like for me. With my body armor on, riding a bigger travel bike, after the MBAA race season is over so I am not as worried about a stupid injury, I could have cleaned most of this trail (at least the downhill parts after the initial climb).

Today, wearing a tutu and riding a tricycle, with thoughts of the upcoming race in Payson passing through my mind, it was a bit sketchy.

I left some blood, skin and part of a cycling shoe on the trail, but all in all I am thrilled to have found someone who would go to the trouble to show me that trail. I now see why Tucson folks talk that ride up alot. It was pretty sweet!

John W.