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    Just like a mild mid-winter day in Wisconsin...

    ...is what this morning was like...where everyone, it seemed, was out doing something, taking advantage of a break in the heat (like a break in the bitter cold of a Wisconsin winter...yes, if you've been through one, you know what I'm talking about). I've never seen as many roadies as I did this morning on the way out to McDowell Mtn Park. The Pemberton parking lot was pretty full, and there were a number of trail runners and horses out, in addition to mountain bikers.

    Took advantage of the "mild" temps to sleep in, have coffee on the patio, then lazily head out "late" to MMP. I wanted to explore the Coachwhip and Dixie Mine connectors to Pemberton, as I've never linked them up. So I did Pemberton CCW to Coachwhip to Windmill to Bell Connector to Prospector to Dixie Mine back to Pemberton. Nice loop, and an interesting variation on a Pemberton ride; adding some good climbing in there, though the Bell Connector SUCKED with 32x18 on my 29'er SS...

    Here's a link to the ride:
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    a friend and i were out there this morning as well, except we started at 5:45am when it was really cool. loved it, loved it, LOVED IT!

    after the bluffs intersection (we too ride CCW) we took rodeo out to boundary. found some fun, narrow ST and came back to pemberton on west fork, just south of tonto. we discussed going to coachwhip-windgate-dixie mine, but by then it was getting a bit too warm and this ol' gal didn't have the gas. so we came back up to bluffs/granite for a 20 mile ride. it was awesome!
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    yes, did the sleep in a ride "late" thing as well. revives the memories of fall - and BCT trips!

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    I did the Pembeton ride sat.night,great night temps and conditions.I noticed lights on the trail at the foot on the mnts paralell to Pemberton and a couple of riders crossing over at the connector trails.Looks like a fun night ride too!

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    I took the heat with me to CR! Looking forward to trying this route.
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    New Trail-Tom Thumb

    We did a ride up Pemberton and then took Coachwhip to Windmill. From there we took what I recall being the East Mine Trail up to the Tom Thumb lookout. The trail is about 3 months old according to hiker we met. It goes from tip of the saddle in the butt crack steep to hike a bike steep 3/4 of the way up. My computer gave me 3500 altitude at the top so its higher than Windgate and Bell. From there we dropped down Tom Thumb trail, a steep switchback laden descent that gives your disc brakes and ability to stop and hop around the corners a workout. We then took Windgate back and over before returning via Windmill, Coachwhip, Dixie Mine and completing the loop of Pemberton. I hand close to 30 miles with 3500+ feet of climbing on my computer at the end.
    Next time we will have to try coming up Tom Thumb as it looks a bit more rideable, although the descent down the other side could be tricky in parts.
    It was great to have more moderate temps, lots of riders out there.


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    Mt Lemmon was in the mid-60's Saturday morning and the low-60's Sunday morning.
    But by the end of the rides on both days, it was way up in the mid-80's.

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