Well, our time here is up - we have had three great days riding in this gorgeous place and we all want to stay longer! - in my case its permanent, but sadly not very attainable!

We kicked off from Bike n Bean with the Pemberton Loop followed by unknamed trails linking to Lama and the bottom section of Little Horse (including the rather amusing rocky step down!) - all great trails, especilly the ledgy stuff on Pemberton that descends to the river.

The following day had us climbing up to the top of Schnebly and dropping down the old trail to the top of Munds to finish on that. We had wanted to look for Damafino but were warned off that without the benefit of someone who knows it (next time!). Then we climbed Broken Arrow/Submarine Rock - great fun - and saw the sun go down at Chicken Point. The light and colours were simply stunning, followed by the moon appearing over the rim behind us - pure magic. Then it was on with the lights for a blast down Little Horse and back on the bike path/Mystic.

Today, I drove the others up the canyon as they had not seen it in daylight. On the way back we stretched our legs at Slide Rock. we explored the western area off Dry Creek Road, dropping in on Girner, looping off that around Dawa, Cockscombe, Rupp before the rest of Girdner. Then we crossed the highway for Herkenham, Old Post and Carroll Canyon - we did part of that twice as the run down the hill was so much fun.

Tomorrow it is on the road by 6 am to scoot down to Tucson - helimech has kindly arranged to meet us and for his wife to shuttle us up to Green Mt so we can bag the whole descent. Right now Heather is our most favourite person in the world!

For the rest of our trip we are planning Hawes/Pass Mt Wednesday, SoMo Thursday later on, as a warm up for a ThNR with DurtGurl (looking forward to meeting some of you then) and Friday is still undecided. Ideas include Prescott and someone here has been encouraging us to go to Seven Springs, although we do not have much info about that at present.

We won't have much (if any) internet access after we leave in the morning but can be contacted on 480 239 1687 and will be glad to hook up with anyone who would like to join us for a ride.